THE REDEYE is an international night market from the brains of Peter Chang and Brandon Hill, also known as No Kings Collective. It debuted as a one-night only market on November 6, 2021 featuring over 60 food vendors, artists, and makers. More than 50,000 people attended the one-night only market along Pennsylvania Avenue, creating an opportunity for over 50,000 visitors and residents of the District to experience the culinary melting pot that is the DC food scene.

Peter and Brandon of No Kings Collective

Inspired by the traditional night markets of East and Southeast Asia, which served to strengthen communities by boosting local economies through the support of small businesses, THE REDEYE promotes local food vendors, artists, makers, and other small businesses.

THE REDEYE events support and raise awareness for Asian American businesses in the DMV area, educate the surrounding community by exposing them to authentic Asian culture and the celebration of its rich traditions, and unify a diverse audience through the generous act of a shared meal.  We aim to pay homage to the past, while looking to the future and expounding upon the creative possibilities of what a night market can truly be.

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